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برای تبادل لینک  ابتدا ما را با عنوان سرور های ورلد اف وارکرافت و آدرس wow-server.ir لینک نمایید سپس مشخصات لینک خود را در زیر نوشته . در صورت وجود لینک ما در سایت شما لینکتان به طور خودکار در سایت ما قرار میگیرد.



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Realmlist: set realmlist logon.havoc-wow.com

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Discord: https://discord.gg/HN928bb

Realm Description

Hello everyone!

A few things you should know about our realm:

– Level area 1-255 in Zul’Drak

– After Level 255, start your journey into our scaled, balanced instances/World Bosses

T1 – Molten Core
T2 – Blackwing Lair
T3 – Ahn Qiraji
T4 – Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair, Karazhan
T5 – Tempest keeep: The eye, Serpentshrine Caverns
T6 – Mount Hyjal, Black Temple, Sunwell
T7 – Naxxramas
T8 – Ulduar
T9 – Trial of the Crusader
T10 – Icecrown Citadel
T11 – Deadmines

Level 1 to Level 20 gear for each class.

Custom Bosses

Customly Scaled and modified Instances

Custom Zones – Mounts Heaven

+ 35k Cata/MoP/WoD/Legion items (+950 artifact items)

+ 300 Legion mounts (Check all of them out at our Mounts Haven custom zone)

+ 300 Legion pets

2 long and 1 short(but tricky) stair events

– Automated event redeeming system
– Killstreak system (Get PvP tokens, and buy sets with them)
– Level Booster NPC (Buy levels with tokens)
– Retreive VP/DP command. |( .getpoint)
– Buff Master NPC
– Fancy world chat
– Level up twice as fast in the Weekends.
– Learn spells on level-up
– You don’t have to manually loot leveling mobs. Some tokens from them will automatically get into your backpack.
– Epic Guild Housing system: Build houses, beat other Guilds, capture their flag, etc. (more info in the Guild Features section on our website)
– Extra rewards if in a Guild
– Crossfaction Battlegrounds
– VP/hour for gameplay. Default VP/h is set to 2, 2x VP/hour if you voted in the last 24 hours, and 3x VP/hour if in last 12 hours

+ A lot more to be discovered!

Also, we have a MALL with lots of insanely fun stuff:

Bounty Hunter
Arena Gambler
Arena Master
Arena Spectator
Crossfaction Battlegorunds
Custom Quests
Starter/Runner Gear
Pvp Gear
Item Requester
Item Enchanter
Item Reforger
Profession Master
Guild Banker
Tokens Exchanger
DP <=> VP Exchanger
Event Redeemer
Vanity Vendor
Custom Item Creator
Item Upgrader

& more!

We’re open for suggestions and we’re awaiting you to start your own journey with your friends at Havoc-WoW!


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